Nathalia Campos

Nathalia Campos is a Brazilian aspiring film director and producer with a deep passion for the filmmaking and storytelling. Nathalia recently produced a powerful documentary about an organization in Oshawa that provides support to at-risk youth and helps them avoid homelessness. This project allowed Nathalia to explore her interest in using film to shed light on important social issues and create meaningful impact, which has always been her purpose. Nathalia’s love for filmmaking goes beyond social commentary. She worked as a first assistant director for the student short film "I Don't Like Gardening" but ended up co-producing it as well. This experience taught her the value of collaboration and effective communication within a film crew. Additionally, Nathalia served as a production manager for the student short film "Sisterhood," which gave her a taste of what it's like to manage a production team and handle logistical challenges. For Nathalia, filmmaking is not just a job, but a personal passion. She believes that film has the power to inspire, educate, and empower people. She is excited to continue telling stories that make a difference and is always looking for new opportunities to hone her craft.