Brendan Ferris

Brendan Ferris enjoys adventures whether he’s going to a different country or taking the bus downtown to see a movie. The environment is important to Brendan and he wants to preserve it as best he can. Lions are Brendan’s favourite animal and he adopted one through the WWF at a young age in an effort to support lion sanctuaries to protect them from poachers. Brendan enjoys going on walks with his dog Boseman, listening to The Beatles, going to the gym, attending live musical theatre, and swimming. Brendan has his Bronze Cross and is First Aid certified. Brendan’s favourite books are The Catcher in the Rye and The Great Gatsby. Brendan also reads Marvel and DC Comics and hopes to direct a Marvel and DC movie someday. If Brendan ever had to give a presentation in elementary or high school he would do so by making funny videos with his homemade green screen. His goal was to entertain his classmates and he did, now he wants to entertain the world.