Allie Fripps

Allie Fripps is a talented and ambitious young filmmaker from Orangeville, Ontario. She always had a passion for storytelling and visual arts, soon realizing that filmmaking was her calling. Growing up in a small town has deeply influenced Allie’s approach to filmmaking, inspiring her to tell stories that are grounded in reality and that capture the nuances of everyday life. This sensitivity to the human experience has allowed Allie to create films that resonate with audiences on a deep and emotional level. Since attending the Humber Film Program, Allie has honed her skills in directing, scriptwriting, sound, and editing. Directing the short documentary The Farm-acist featured in the Toronto Short Film Festival 2023, and recording sound for the short film I Don’t Like Gardening, Allie hopes to continue to push the boundaries of storytelling and create films that leave a lasting impact on those who watch them. With her talent, dedication, and vision, Allie Fripps is undoubtedly a filmmaker to watch in the coming years.